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Inspirational Speaker​​
 Topic:  Anyone can heal anything!!
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Life Gave Me LEMONS, and I Made CHAMPAGNE!
The unabashed and courageous account of an abuse survivor's journey 

from trauma to transcendence.

Dynamic Energy Rebalancing 
If you desire to reawaken, or to advance your evolution, or simply get help with life's challenges,
the easiest way to do so is by a direct connection to The Infinite, referred to by many names,
such as Source, God/Goddess, All That Is, I Am Presence, The Universe, etc.  I connect you
to that dynamic energy, which rekindles your memory of who you are--Infinite Love--and 
realigns you to what you are--individuated spirit living in a physical body.

I facilitate your experience by holding my hands above your crown chakra,
or on each side of your head, and Source energy is reactivated by intention.

Benefit:  restores clarity, harmony, balance, and wholeness in your entire energy field

Channeled Mentoring
If you need a different perspective on your current challenges, then interactive mentoring
with Metatron (a spiritual presence that is vast love) can be very beneficial.
 You can ask questions about your real-life issues and receive wisdom from a higher dimension.

I facilitate your experience by blending my consciousness with Metatron who then speaks through me.

Benefit:  expanded awareness resulting in empowered choices, actions, and results
Spiritual Guidance and Integration
Are you aware that you are a spiritual being having a human experience?  In the midst of your
human busy-ness, have you lost touch with your spiritual being-ness?  It's easy to allow the mind
to override the heart's guidance.   Letting go of core beliefs which aren't serving you
opens up the space to be fully aligned with the I AM Presence within you.

I facilitate your experience by helping you reframe old beliefs
into healthy new perceptions which will give your life new meaning.
Benefit:  freedom to live joyfully and direct your power to manifest your desires

Transparency Coaching
Men....does your wife ask you a question and before you can answer it, she asks another?
Women....does your husband stop listening (tune you out) while you are talking?
Men and women communicate very differently, resulting in misunderstandings,
hurt feelings, and distance in relationships.  

I facilitate your experience of learning how to listen and how to speak openly
with trust, respect, and honesty.

Benefit:  clarifies communications and deepens connections between husbands/wives

 Business Communications Clarity
  Employers / SBOs, are your employees communicating at optimal levels and working in harmony?
 Or is there underlying stress, discord, and emotional turmoil? 
Communicating can be simplified and empowered by understanding The ABCDs of Emotions
at a personal level and their ramifications at a company / corporate level.

Benefit:  balanced energy flow among employees, work becomes fun, increased productivity
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