About Me

In a search for happiness which seemed so illusive to me, I embarked
on a journey in 1989 which led me not only to the awareness that
I had been deeply traumatized and abused as a child,
but also to the reawakening that there is much more to experience
than the five physical senses.  After many years of studying
metaphysics and transforming my life, I have emerged
with my own synthesis of spiritual insights, gifts, and skills.
I now offer the wisdom and the expertise
that I've gained through my journey to help others
 accelerate their own transformation.

Although I am certified as a Holistic Coach and Reiki Master,
my natural abilities lie beyond the realm of those designations.
My passion is to push the limitations of the human experience
into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception
and the highest spiritual experience possible.

I am an evolution advancer.