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Energy Specialist
!Author:  Life Gave Me LEMONS, & I Made CHAMPAGNE 


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So, how is your life unfolding?  Are you happy?
Are you creating, manifesting, and experiencing what you desire and intend?

Or, instead, do you feel like life is always giving you lemons?
You've heard the humorous quip.....
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”
Wouldn't it be amazing if you could do so much more than that? 
Well, you can!
How do I know that?
Because I did!
I transformed personal adversity into personal power!
What was the adversity?
Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual, and satanic ritual abuse.
I didn't settle for lemonade....I made champagne! 
So are you celebrating your life?  Living freely?
Being all that you are…abundance, prosperity, creativity, joy, love?
If you need inspiration and guidance,
--and you are ready to become the greatest version of yourself imaginable--
my book and the services I offer can help you reconnect with the infinite power within you,
so that you can transform your own life.
It's time to gather up those lemons and get out your champagne glass!
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Book Excerpts
New and terrifying images were surfacing in my mind....
Determined to reach the crux, I doggedly continued the practice of writing and drawing
with my non-dominant hand, which was unveiling more and more evidence
of exactly what I didn't want to face.
......I kept seeing the image of a barn door behind which I knew there was
incredible pain--and staggering truth.

To preserve their secrets my abusers controlled me:
they controlled my thoughts, my beliefs, my words, my voice, my actions, my energy, my life.

 Our wounding shapes us:  we can become bent over in bondage to it,
or we can stand taller because of it.
A requisite for healing is that we must be willing to move into the fullness of who we truly are; 
and that requires letting go of who we think we are--a process which can be fearful to the ego.
Fear is nothing more than me scaring myself silly with my own thoughts.
Here's what I've learned:  that on which I focus my attention will manifest in my life.
Some time ago, I formed a new perception about the words, "I can't".
When I say those words, what I'm actually saying is this:  "I won't".
Then I considered the underlying truth in the words, I won't. When I say those words,
what I'm actually saying is this:  I'm choosing not to.
   Early on, our human minds are dissuaded from standing  in our power,
so we begin living in illusion and forget that we are love.

About the Book and the Author

Courage and Resolve
Most of us likely are unaware of how deeply children are impacted by abuse
or how challenging it is to overcome the effects of abuse.
"Life Gave Me Lemons and I Made Champagne!" gives us an inside look at the courage
of an incest and ritual abuse survivor.   In a stunningly honest narrative,
Aisha exposes long-hidden family secrets, as well as her own, and articulates how,
in a moment of deep despair at age 16,
she took an action that shifted the energetic patterns and behaviors of her entire family.   
At the heart of the story is a woman whose original intention was to reclaim her life.
In the midst of setbacks and distress, she decreed, "I won't give in, and I won't give up."
Ultimately, she did more than reclaim her life.
With continued intention and resolve, she dismantled her old life and created a new one. 
Join her and walk through this amazing, life-altering journey.
Notice how she transmuted incredibly painful experiences and discovered
that there is always hidden wisdom within them.

Find your own courage!  Be inspired to transform your own life!


Aisha's life is proof that the human spirit can overcome incredible obstacles
and live joyfully!

Take a few minutes to listen to her interview which aired on
"Bright New Voices, The Balboa Press Hour"
on Hay House

Anyone can heal anything....Aisha can be your guide in letting go
of your own old stories and creating the life you desire and deserve.

Begin your own transformative journey.
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